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I feel very vulnerable posting this but I feel I should. My hometown of Paradise is on fire. My family is evacuated and safe. Not all my friends are safe. It's very surreal. Things always work out, but the unknown is a little scary.*******————EDIT———*********We are overwhelmed by all your heartfelt responses and prayers. There are so many wonderful people in this world. I would love to respond to each of you. We are astonished at the outpouring of love. Paradise has been destroyed. Thousands of us have lost our homes. Many have lost everything, including their lives. But, there are are so many stories of heroism, bravey and service, so much good comes from bad. We had no idea this video would touch so many others. Although my family lost our home and business, we are in need of nothing, just love and prayers. There are so many that have absolutely nothing and need help. Any money made by licensing this video will go to others.For licensing or usage, contact:

Posted by Brynn Parrott Chatfield on Thursday, 8 November 2018

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